About Royal Lyceum System


Royal Lyceum, the School of Excellence is a project of Lyceum Group of Schools having its footprints in the field of education since 1984. Our top concern is the education and preparation of tomorrow’s conscience leaders. Our target is to inculcate quality education in the middle class population of Pakistan. We are here to serve the great citizens of this country by educating their youth and setting them up to become socially responsible citizens and professionals. Royal Lyceum, the School of Excellence inherits its work ethics and professional stature from parent body i.e Lyceum Group of Schools. We possess a deep understanding of the educational foreground and market knowledge in Pakistan and we are determined to use latest tools to educate the youth.

Our Identity

Royal Lyceum, the School of Excellence is a project of the Lyceum Group of Schools which focuses on providing affordable education to the youth of Pakistan. Royal lyceum is built upon the foundation of its core values which reflect in each and every area of its operations. Our team is always committed to providing the best service for learners and attractive investment options for investors. Our teaching and management philosophies are tried and tested methods that produce results and challenge the status quo. We believe in positive change and that is why our team is ever evolving and always transforming to compensate for the natural shift of circumstance. Education has always been a noble profession and catering to the academic need of the youth of Pakistan has become a passion for our team. This passion is driven by determination and diligence and fueled by the desire to see majority of Pakistani children succeed and excel in the sphere of academics. We invite you to come and join us on this incredible journey that leads to the enlightenment of our society.