Every organization has a purpose, and Royal Lyceum’s purpose is to become the best educator through its enhanced teaching and management techniques. Our team members cannot be described as conventional employees, these individuals can be categorized as organizational members who are committed to put in the extra effort and go the extra mile to make sure that we deliver value to our customers and investors. In order to become a member of the Royal Lyceum network the potential stakeholder must foster the discipline and dedication required to operate as part of the Royal Lyceum School System. You will be accommodated with several benefits including the use of the institute’s signature brand name and will also be awarded the legal right to operate under the institute’s trademark.

Other Features

Lyceum Group of Schools is a trusted name in the field of Education. Encompassing 35 years of experience, we have all the requisite systems and procedures to bring the world class education. The other notable projects of Lyceum Group are Royal Lyceum School system.

Royal Lyceum School System is the school endorsed by Cambridge Global.

Lyceum Group of Schools is having its presence in four countries. This national and international presence is necessary to pitch your project at the new heights.

The study planners are as important in school as radar in a ship. Teachers need Study planners to keep the direction and the pace. Royal Lyceum gives full support in this area. Study planners are provided to the teachers.

In the era of technology, the automation of the school is not a luxury but a requirement. In order to keep the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) in line you need to have the technology backbone. Royal Lyceum has its own state of the Art Web and Mobile App solution to provide effective management and communication with head office, parents and faculty.

This century has seen unprecedented migrations. Parents of Royal Lyceum have a peace of mind. Where ever they are shifted, they can transfer their child to the nearest branch of Royal Lyceum.

Education is a prophetic profession. It is even more encouraging if you get high profits from this noble profession. We believe that our actual profit is the well being and educated body of alumni and the monetary benefits, though very high are taken as a by-product.

Trainings and practice make a man perfect. So we emphasis on trainings. We make sure that no teacher appears in the classroom without appropriate training.

Royal Lyceum provides all items, books, uniforms, stationery and other printer materials at cheaper rates. This is because of the economy of scale.

Royal Lyceum is having a dedicated team of lawyers to support your nascent new venture at a little cost. Legal consultancy regarding the school is also provided.

Royal Lyceum QA teams visit the campus frequently in order to help and keep the franchisee on track. This helps them in maintaining the highest quality standards.

Royal Lyceum team has the expertise to develop business and campus development plan according to your needs.

Marketing and promotions are the most important for the success of any venture. Royal Lyceum fully supports the franchisees in the marketing and promotions.