Franchise Categories

Franchise Leader (for a city or area)

Single Franchise

Franchise Leader:

Depends upon the city and area. Contact to know the cost.

Single Franchise: Special Launch price
(For first 20 Franchises)

Franchise (Primary – Playgroup till Grade V) 800,000/-

Franchise (Matric) 10,00,000/-

Royalty 10%

(Early applicants can pay the franchise fee in two installments)

(Franchise can be upgrade to next level by paying Rs. 300,000/-)

Financial Guidance (Fee Structure of the School)

Registration Fee Rs. 3000/-

Admission Fee Rs. 5000/-

Monthly Fee Play Group to Grade 1 : Rs. 5000/-

Grade 2 to Grade 4 : Rs. 5500/-

Grade 5 to Grade 8 : Rs. 6000/-

Grade 9, 10 : Rs. 6500/-

Infrastructure Requirements:


One classroom for each grade

One office/ reception

One room for lab/computer lab/lib

Washrooms (1 for every 80 children)

Other facilities

Internet connection

One computer for office

5 computers for lab

Electric water cooler

Swings (as required)

Detailed specifications will be provided afterwards

Franchise Procedure

Step:1 :

Submit the initial form attached with this booklet or fill the online form at The pictures of the building are to be attached with the form.


If the franchise manager gives the initial approval then he will require you to deposit the 10% of the franchise fee for the Physical visit of the team/

Step : 3:

If the franchise team finally approves after the physical visit you will be required to deposit the franchise fee and the agreement will be signed.

Step 4:

The franchise licence will be issued. Step 5:

Initial campus preparations and hiring of staff will take place along with trainings and installation of software etc.